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Professor Ruben Martin received his PhD in 2003 from the University of Barcelona under the guidance of 

Prof. Antoni Riera. He then did postdoctoral work at the Max-Planck Institute für Kohlenforschung with

Prof. Alois Fürstner (2004-2005) and subsequently at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with

Prof. Stephen L. Buchwald (2005-2008). In October 2008, he moved to ICIQ to start his independent research career as an assistant professor. He was promoted to associate professor in 2013, and within the same year to ICREA Research Professor.


Professor Ruben Martin´s research has been focused on the discovery of synthetically useful organometallic methodologies, with a particular emphasis on the implementation of earth-abundant nickel catalysts for the functionalization of strong sigma bonds. In particular, his group at ICIQ has designed new nickel-catalyzed reductive carboxylation techniques of organic matter under atmospheric pressure of abundant and inexpensive carbon dioxide. These methods represent a straightforward alternative for preparing densely functionalized carboxylic acids in the absence of organometallic reagents, utilizing simple precursors under mild conditions and in a user-friendly manner. These conceptions have been extended to heterocumelenes other than carbon dioxide such as simple organic isocyanates, constituting a new platform for synthesizing valuable amide derivatives from simple building blocks. His group has also designed new nickel-catalyzed transformations via the activation of strong and a priori unreactive C–O bonds. These investigations have contributed to the prolific use of simple phenol derivatives within the cross-coupling arena, providing new vistas from a both methodological and mechanistic standpoint.

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