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International Convention Center JEJU

ICC JEJU is located within the Jungmun Tourist Complex, with the cobalt-blue Northern Pacific stretching to the south and towering Mt. Hallasan commanding the north. Spreading over an area of more than 5,000㎡, the world-class convention center is a 7-story building Artfully merging the blessed tourist resources around it with the functionality of a convention facility, this resort-style convention center is fully equipped for international meetings of any scale, and provides professional-grade logistic support for event-hosting. The Symposium venue, International Convention Center JEJU (ICC JEJU) boasts the state-of-the art convention facilities and meeting rooms.

How to get to ICC JEJU

Guide to the airport limousines (Jeju International Airport ⇔ Jeju International Convention Center)
  • Place Limousine bus stop at the left side of the front gate (Samyoung Traffic No. 600)
  • First departure 06:20 at the airport; last departure: after the arrival of the last airplane
  • Service route Airport → T.H.E Hotel and Vegas Casino Jeju → Entrance to the Yeomiji Botanical Garden → Hyatt Hotel → Shilla Hotel → Lotte Hotel → Hankook Condominium → Jeju International Convention Center → NewGyeongnam Hotel → Seogwipo KAL Hotel
  • Fare (Korean won) : 4,500 won; Duration: about 50 minutes (every 15 min.)
Taxi guide (Jungmun - Jeju International Airport)
  • Select the distance (long-distance or short-distance) at the taxi stop.
  • When you go to the Center, it is all right to take a taxi at the long-distance stop.
  • Since the taxi fare is fixed, please confirm the distance before taking a taxi
  • Fare (Korean won) : About 30,000 won; Distance: 40km; Duration: 40-45 minutes
OMCOS 19 Secretariat
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63547, International Convention Center JEJU (616-81-20339, Son Jungmi)
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